Hi everybody !!

Successful landing in Auckand on 9th June , after many shocks over the Indian Ocean and 32 hours of flight I m on the ground. I passed the control without problem and presents only my passport to an electronic gantry, declared my camping equipment and surprisingly I had no control ... I have also no stamp on my passport.

Welcome by a welcome Maori song under the portico that marks the entrance to the country:


After 7 hours of waiting between the street and an Indian cafe I can access my room to rest for a long time. In the evening the All Blacks play against France, I will watch the start of the rugby match in a bar but the price of beer (8 euros) and the atmosphere rather calm will not attract me so long. 

The kiwis are really sympathetic and friendly. I can understand them well, even though it seems that they are the ones who speak English most quickly in the world.


Monday night I did all my paperwork and I can leave the city the next day. Here is my itinerary for the week:

I headed with the bus to my first home port in Coromandel town. In the afternoon I go for a hike in the forest.



The advantage of the flora here is that the leaves remain despite winter. The next day I visit the surroundings on foot and by bike and get to 
know the Kauris trees, the ancestors of the country. Many of them were cut by the settlers to build houses and extract the gum.
Some are over 1000 years old !!!



Pacific coast :


I leave in hitchhiking, means of locomotion recommends in the country, and directs me on the other side with Nick who must deliver doors on the road.
I accompany him and take advantage of the landscapes.
He deposited me in a campsite not far from tourist attractions that I will visit the next day.
Here Cathedral Cove, a cave in a rock, where I enjoy the calm to swim 10 degrees. After checking with park guards that this is not a picnic spot for sharks.


The blue of the Pacific is superb.

The country of the long white cloud is well named

After midday I go to hot water beach, here the aim is to dig a pool in the beach to find hot water, too hot even for me.

The next day of my birthday I go to the land to discover small mountains, not only by their altitude but also by their powers.
It is a plaster who drops me off at the nearest town after having stopped in spots that he likes and offered ice cream.
On site after a stormy night, it's like being in the Andes. This desert place has many hiking trails.
The one I choose is difficult because there are hundreds of steps but it leads me to the highest point: the Pinnacles



I camp in the forest for the night and at the sunrise I climb the peak with the force of arms by ladders, fortunately without my bag which now weighs 18 kilos.

I'm in the clouds and I do not enjoy the view around. But the sunrise over the mountains, the forest, the ocean in the distance and the clouds just above gives an impression 
of harmony between all the elements.
I choose to leave for the last of these: fire. Direction the volcanoes in the center of the country.
In bulk, people that took me hitchhiking (Nick mentioned above), my camp and a portrait taken the day and time of my birthday. 

See you ;)



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