Still on the primitive road, I find the atmosphere completely different, both by the pilgrims who are closed on themselves.  And there are some poor villages, not beautiful.



I take a variant by the mountains, the "ruta de los hospitales", so named because there are 3 ruins of old hospitals who welcomed the pilgrim at their peak. A breath of fresh air, especially as everyone rushes into the valley and the places in the hostels are now all booked in advance.




Here I am, thanks to this variant, at the highest point of the primitivo camino : 1,156 m.



The next day always on the same route:


Paradise road? ...:


Landscapes continue to change before arriving in Galicia (the most northwestern province of the country):


The heat begins to be felt inland, and there are many fires.


Here the ecomuseum of Grandas de Salime, very interesting by the number of exhibited pieces and the diversity of trades presented:


The ruins of an old Roman's town :


The campaign in Galicia is not great, fortunately there are some beautiful points of view:


Arrival in Lugo, which still has its ancient Roman fortifications of 2.2 km with its 22 towers, recognized as World Heritage by Unesco:


I have 100 km left to arrive to the cathedral of St Jacques,


Here the corn granaries, horreos, are made of stone:


And the separations of parcel are in lauzes, tall than one meter on a meter (a Herculian work):


A small detour of 5 km allows me to visit the exceptional neo-Christian church (4th and 5th century) of Santa Eulalia de Boveda:


My steps take me with strength through the countryside:

With always the Roman road that accompanies me:


50 kms before St Jacques, in Melide, the primitive path joins the French way which is very frequented.
It's also original, here a bar decorated with T-shirts of pilgrims and words of these writings everywhere:

Then a traditional wind chiller with fresh water made available by a native family:


And finally, I arrive in Santiago:

The cathedral and its forecourt where the pilgrims arrive:


The only spiritual image at the foot of the cathedral:


For my part I come with the rain that started when I arrived on the city:


The office that delivers the Compostela, the diploma that testifies that the pilgrimage has been made, a must:



I leave the city quickly because it does not find anything extraordinary, there are too many shops and tourist catcher
I take a bus to Finisterre, the end of the world, and here I feel at the end of the road in peace:



The sunset on the horizon attracts the world especially with the turquoise sea and the white sand:

I share it with you:



A last place for the fauna and flora wich are the best companions of the hiker:









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